Elder book

ancient recipe books created before the Pax Trata.

Class: Book        Trong: Unknown     Type: Ancient artifact (rare/lost)

The Elder books are recipe books that were created during the ancient waring periods before the Pax Trata. During the time in which the books were developed, the numerous regions were looking for any advantage they could find to turn the tide of war in their favor. A group of elder chefs rumored to be from the Spicey region were said to have discovered that since food comes from the ground it is naturally imbued with elemental essence properties. These essence properties would come to be known worldwide as Trong. The Trong can be enhanced when specific foods are combined (even more so when combined with certain spices) and that these properties can be passed on to a person when the food dish is eaten.

The recipes were transcribed into a series of books, but were lost over time or sold in abridged formats for profit during the end of the warring periods. the few abridged books that had been sold were the only publicly known survivors of the destruction of the Spicey region. with the Pax Trata, the deadliest of recipes were outlawed and hidden or destroyed, and newer less destructive recipes were created by the regional guilds to be used during Trongo ball tournaments.

Only the Guild Meisters have access to what remains of any of the abridged Elder books, but there have always been secretive organizations within the guilds that believed in the survival of unabridged Elder books along with the surviving members of the Elder chefs themselves. they search for any and all of the possible surviving books, and are rumored to stop at nothing to obtain them.

Elder books are rumored to be very large and thick books, beautifully bound, in rare textiles and precious metals and jewels. They are also rumored to be locked by Trong magic and magical jewels of an unknown essential nature.
    • these are confirmed rumor with the discovery of an Elder book, by Turtle, Bojo, and Appo in the basement of an abandoned home in the town of Peach Pit.

  • MC issue 4b: first official appearance of an Elder book.
    • MC issue 6a: first official mention of an Elder book.

The abilities and uses of an Elder book are currently unknown. all that is known of it is what has been spread through rumor and myth passed down through the ages since they first appeared.
    • the Elder book in Turtles possession, hasn't currently been used beyond basic recipes,
    • he is still learning many of the more complex cuisines.


the Elder book magically opening.
a squishy magical jewel lock.

the gang contemplating opening the book.
the remains of an Elder book guardian


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