the associated crafting organizations that control the numerous aspects of Trongo ball.

 The Guilds are several known and unknown organized trade unions of craftsmen, smiths, and artisans of all types that inform and control the many different branches or aspects of the unified sport of Trongo ball. The Guilds are a necessary and essential power in the world, as they help to maintain the Pax Trata through the sport of Trongo ball, and thereby help to maintain peace in the world.The Guilds have come to be highly regarded in society and hold a majority level of influence and power in the world. As a unified force they maintain the peace made law by the Pax Trata and command more respect than any royal family or armada that has ever existed in history.

The Guilds are all represented in a central councilship, formed from the most talented influential and respected guild members from each of the "known" Guilds calling themselves the Meister Guild. The division of trade unions into guilds as set by the Pax Trata prevents anyone union from ever gaining enough knowledge of all aspects once known to the Elder Guild to size power or attempt to seize power and plunge the world of Ephon into another devastating world war.

They are are steeped in traditions and are often associations of family trades-members who pass clandestine knowledge and techniques from parent to child or only within a specific bloodline.

In the game of Trongo ball, aspects from all the Guilds are represented in the creation of a Garden in which Trongo ball is played on, order to create a complete and well balanced test of the skill and knowledge of the Cuisinauts participating and representing their respective regions.


          • KNOWN GUILDS
  • Elder Guild (defunct)
    • Elder Chefs
  • Regional Guilds (this is the collective of all members of all guilds)
    • Meister Guild 
    • Chefs Guild
    • Lobber Guild


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