Convention Countdown...

This wednesdays issue 6a is totally being pushed back to Monday, 
and of course the that same week 6b will come out.


because i'll be at AWA from September 28-30th.
ao at the moment I'm up to my eyeballs in either creating new materials to sell at the con,
or trying to print stuff that I made for the con.

stickers... Munch Chunky stickers.
I think I like the ones on the left more.

Munch Chunky Issue 5b

well... it's back!
Just in time for the ending of Season 0.
I decided a few months back to break the series up into seasons.
Trongo ball playing seasons i mean.
this first preseason where Bojo and the gang are playing around having senseless adventures,
is the set up for all the stuff that comes once they begin playing Trongo ball.
so it's Season 0
next season starts with issue 7a and will last about 12 issues i think.
this weeks OST track is called Dewdrop Showers.
I like the thunderstorm samples i layered over the background.
I gotta finish up and process the last tracks for the OST before it comes out 
at the end of the month along with issue 6b


Sorry about all the silence.
 the comic returns September 12th

I've been back to working on Munch Chunky for a little while now
i have almost a weeks lead on each issue, which is super duper good.
I've also been working on the last tracks of the OST.
they were left in the cold so long ago, and now i have to dust them off, repair them, and make them awesome.
also... I was working on the Munch Chunky Databook. I'm loving it. it's SO MUCH FUN.

for more on my impromtu hiatus...
check out this video.