Munch Chunky Issue 4b

New pencils! I have new pencils!
now I can draw with confidence, knowing my sweaty, greasy hands, (a bad combo if ever there was) won't smudge the pages. I was actually working from left to right on each page. I don't work like that. I draw at random. and that can lead to smuuuuuudge city. 
hehe... anyway.
After last weeks reveal of THE major protagonist the CoCo King, I realised how fast this series is moving now that it's weekly. this is exciting. I'm really enjoying playing with the really different personalities of the characters. oh, and... this issue's cover is a bit misleading.
technically it should have been the cover for issue 5a, but the only other cover idea I could come up with ruined what I thought was a good visual reveal.
you'll see. tho it may be less significant to you than me.
oh well... hope you enjoy. haha
this weeks OST track: Peach Pit Town