Riot Cuisine

food based weapons used during a Trongo ball match.


Riot Cuisine, are special culinary dishes which infuse ingredients with high inherent Trong values, like rare fruit and vegetables, hybridized fruit/vegetables as well as spices which often contain great quantities of Trong. A Cuisinaut such as a Chef can create these dishes to be used as weapons during a Trongo ball match.

Riot cuisine come in two types of recipes Offensive and Defensive. Offensive recipes create Riot Cuisine than can give special attributes such as granting temporary magical and elemental properties to the Chef's other teammates on the ground. They can also inflict specific negative attributes such as poisoning or paralysis. They are generally non lethal, but can injure a player for a long period of time or permanently for a season if proper precautions are not taken when defending ones self against an attack. Defensive recipes can grant temporary magical and elemental attributions such as health boosts for more energy or quick shields to protect yourself from an attack.

Most riot cuisine have specific origins in certain regions, and are only learned and prepared by teams from those regions. Team Chefs usually register with a regional guild and use the official cook book composed by them. (the exception being Turtle, who is not with a guild and found a regionless Elder Book). this limits the amount of recipes a single team can use during a match, which also allows no one team to gain the advantage over any other making them rely on actual skill

TYPES: A list of Riot Cuisines
    •  name: power attribute - rank attribute - level of difficulty on a scale 0-10 
  • Fury Flan: a custard type fire elemental dish - Mint, lvl 4 (Ofs.) 


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