A basic Lobber
The primary tool used by a Cuisinaut in Trongo ball.

 The Lobber is a magical tool used by a Cuisinaut, during a Trongo ball game. They are specially made tools that can channel any and all Trong force ingested by a Cuisinaut during a game through riot cuisine. Lobbers are the primary and most often used tool of a Cuisinaut. Lobbers allow users to project Trong force as a weaponized point of energy. Lobbers can be transformed, while taking on the properties of Trong morphing them physically allowing them to take many shapes and have many functions.
Not all riot cuisine need the use of a lobber to be used, such as offensive/power ups, but many if not most offensive/attacks and many defensive/attacks rely on the Cuisinaut using the lobber to project the force.
The Lobber is considered an extension of the Cuisinaut and is a very important tool in the game of Trongo ball.

Lobbers are constructed of Trong inherent minerals from all the regions of Eratone. These minerals are chosen because of their conductive, reflective and amplifying properties. There are many famous Lobber makers in the world of Ephon all existing as part of the Lobber guilds. The Lobber guild oversee, regulate and approve all Lobbers constructed and used by Cuisinauts in Trongo ball games.  

A basic Lobber is a simple palmable short staff with an transformable ring connected to one end. The staff portion often has the ability to retract and extend. Lobbers much like Trong bots are fully customizable and are more often than not custom made for each player.
Many Cuisinauts use Lobbers to "pillow" which is to transform the Lobber so that it has a padded drum base on the reverse side of the morphing ring. This is a technique commonly used in PVP melee attacks versus "shuffling" which is to use a ranged attack where a Cuisinaut will sling a magical discharge from the ring of the Lobber.

A. morphing ring   B. conduit coils C. extendable staff



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