the magical energies possessed by all objects in the world of Eratone.

 It was discovered by the members of the Elder Guild that all things in the world are infused with Trong, a magical energy essence. Different items in the world are naturally infused with a certain amount of Trong inherent to it, and can be combined with other items to create a stronger inherent value. Of the numerous items of the world in which Trong can be found, extracted and used, food plants such as fruits and vegetables contain very high levels of Trong.
Trong has been divided into seven known inherent forces, Aer, Vassu, Pyre, Solis, Metas, Bios, and Anima.

Type: Aer                      Inherent Force:

Type: Vassu                   Inherent Force: Liquid

Type: Pyre                     Inherent Force: Heat
Type: Solis                     Inherent Force: Solid

Type: Metas                   Inherent Force: Metal
Type: Bios                     Inherent Force: Plant life 

Type: Anima                 Inherent Force: Animal life  


To the untrained eye Trong is an invisible force, but to someone who has studied for a life time in the art of Trong divining can see it permeating everything around them. It is most commonly described as a pulsating glow of colorful energy.
In the sport of Trongo ball, items/artifacts that allow the user to automatically divine Trong as well as an items Inherent Value are legal, but are very difficult to create and therefore rarely ever seen in a game.

In the sport of Trongo ball and numerous related items the seven Trong are characterized and represented by a series of distinct symbols. These symbols were adopted in altered forms as the representing sigil of each region on Eratone.


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