Munch Chunky chapter 9

i'm happy to be back putting out chapters of Munch Chunky.
i'm having a lot of problems with my drawing hand which is slowing me down
while drawing and especially while colouring.
a little less while typing 
so i went a little bonkers filling out parts of the Munch Chunky Databook.

also... i'm baking a homemade durian pie right now.

Munch Chunky Issue 8b

this issue makes me feel a lot better about going back a few issues and starting over. 
the size of the cast at this point ( 9 teams ) and their interactions really allow me to 
make the world of Munch Chunky seem full of life. and that's the kind of story telling I like.
all of the characters have motivations that will be revealed and rivalries that will bubble over
as the game gets more intense.
this is the first round. technically the elimination round.
it's built so that the most teams get eliminated at this point, than at any other point in the match.

what am I doing... 
I'll let the characters in the actual story explain it to you as the series goes on more.
Diddle is filled with this info. ha ha.

Makaroonatiks and Jelly Juggernauts

i'm totally a week behind on the latest issue of MC... that's upsetting.
but it's for a good reason.
i'll talk about that in later post, because it's for something both related and unrelated to MC.
in the mean time... I'm going to post AAAAALL the character designs for the team members that will be playing against team Munch Chunky in the grand gourmet.
i'll definitely post all of those up to the next issue as well as showing the designs i created for all the teams different ships.

a couple members of Team Makaroonatiks

:bulletred: Name: Precilla Pistachinos
:bulletblue: Team: Makaroonatiks 
:bulletgreen: Position: Striker
:bulletorange: Rank: Cinnamon 
:bulletyellow: Region: Hard

:bulletred: Name: Larry Borshtenstien
:bulletblue: Team: Makaroonatiks
:bulletgreen: Position: Chef
:bulletorange: Rank: Cinnamon 
:bulletyellow: Region: Hard

 two members of Team Jelly Juggernauts

:bulletred: Name: Greggori Javander
:bulletblue: Team: Jelly Juggernauts 
:bulletgreen: Position: Mugger
:bulletorange: Rank: Cinnamon 
:bulletyellow: Region: Gumi

:bulletred: Name: Oliver Clovercrest
:bulletblue: Team: Jelly Juggernauts 
:bulletgreen: Position: Striker
:bulletorange: Rank: Cinnamon 
:bulletyellow: Region: Gumi

  by next week i'll have all the turnaround sheets for every member finished, coloured, and posted to the site and my dA account. and then i will start adding them to the MC databook and fill out more of their personal info. but not too much or it would be a major spoiler.
more characters on the morrow

Munch Chunky issue 8a

Season 1 has begun.
as fire works fill the sky, all the teams are at the starting marker ready to set out 
on their grand voyage, representing an entire region in the Grand Gourmet.
but you know I couldn't start off the tournament without tossing a little 
mystery monkey wrench into the mix eh?
ha ha!

this is going to be fun.
i can tell.

Munch Chunky Issue 7b

chase scenes.
I love a good chase scene. 
more so foot chases versus car chases.
I have absolutely no problem believing Bojo can run as far, for as long as he does.
he's a farm kid, all he did was run around outside, you know?
this is the issue i originally wanted to bring the series back with.
this was going to be 7a...
i think it's a strong issue, but i felt the real need to explain a reason why things were happening the way they were.
(this is me trying not to be spoilery, if you're reading this before reading the comic)

I've almost finished designing and colouring all the team players that will be competing in the Grand Gourmet tournament with Team Munch Chunky. haha

I have like three more to go... or is it four?
well, next week...
familiar faces, and new rivalries in the first leg of the GRAND GOURMET!

wooo hoooo!

Munch Chunky Issue 7a

Munch Chunky returns!
If maybe you're wondering why you're seeing me repost issue 7a and you missed the 
Munchy News video post  (or were just confused by my rambling... it happens) 
I've decided to start over from a new direction with the series.
Which is actually an old direction... the original direction.
you see...
the singles, challenger, tourney style that I was previously attempting
(not too unlike that of pokemon)
just wasn't working in this comic book format.
when I rewrote the MC story, I adapted it for animation allowing for faster paced scenes to happen without compromising on story. (all of that can happen in a cartoon very fast)
but comic books have different pacing, and I discovered that a set of singles matches were going to drag the series out too long per tournament round.

So, I went back to my first idea, which was the Grand Gourmet,
a global scavenger hunt for clues, artifact treasures, and points. 
The catch is, you're not up against a single opponent
there are teams from all the other regions also playing the game running around each region's
game fields trying to find all the clues & artifacts, and gain enough points to eliminate other players.
THIS, was the Grand Gourmet.
I really regret compromising on my original idea, for something I thought would be more... I don't know... familiar? meh.
I think we all want something a little new right?
I've made a few slight dialog changes to some older issues, in order for them to match up with the current story path.
I think if you're willing to forgive me this one time that I'm half resetting a story, I can make it worth all the confusion by making it a million times more fun for you.