Inherent Value system

The system by which a Trong based items energy/power level is measured.

 The Inherent Value System (IVS) is a system of measurement created by the members of the Elder Guilds after first discovering Trong energy. It is a numerical system which allows the power or energy levels of Trong items/artifacts to be placed in an order that can be measured through, addition or subtraction of that energy to compose or decompose a greater or lesser energy/power. The known IVS is ranged from 1 to 100, this is known as the safe range which allows Trong infused items to be used in the game of Trongo ball without the threat of death. Permanent damage can be sustained under the circumstances of unskilled use of higher Trong leveled (50+) items during a game. These are generally not taught to or used by any Cuisinaut under the rank of Carob and usually only within the Pepper league.  

It known that many of the recipes created by the Elder Guild members during the Ancient wars often far exceeded this safe range which is why the ancient wars sustained such heavy losses of life and incurred massive damages to the regions, culminating in the destruction of the Spicey region.

There are 5 known skill rankings in the value scale of understanding and execution of inherent energy/power infused items. Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Carob and Mint.

These determine how much inherent power/energy an item contains and how complicated it would be to use said item in a recipe. These correspond with the rankings of teams in the sport of Trongo ball to denote the level of understanding they have of Trong. In order to progress to the next Rank, members of a team must display the competent ability to create and use a specific number of 50+ Trong leveled recipes.

the IVS of a Chocorock berry bomb. it has a Trong level of 8 total.


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