Trongo ball

the global, seasonal, sport played using large mech suits, with support from air ships.

Trongo ball is a sport played seasonally all across the planet of Eratone as part of the Pax Trata to maintain peace between the regions. It's a game played as the symbolic gesture of war in the art of the recreation of historical events and periods of discovery on Eratone. These periods and events include, the discovery of Trong, the great ancient archeology movement, the great period of air travel and the creation of Riot Cuisine. The game incorporates, scavenger hunting aspects, puzzle solving skills, survival tactics and strategies, as well as creative and physical challenges. The teams represent ancient armies of the different regions during the warring period where food was the weapon of choice.

The game is played on a magically constructed field known as a Garden, by at least one qualifying team of Cuisinauts representing each of the six regions (the number of Cuisinaut teams is not exclusive to one but usually does not exceed three) The goal of the teams is to use clues, knowledge and skill to navigate the obstacles, puzzles, and traps placed all over the Garden landscapes and obtain as many of the hidden and protected "artifacts" as they can. Obtaining artifacts grants a team points and clues to the position of other artifacts eventually allowing them access to the next successive region while eliminating their opponents along the way. When all but one team has been eliminated, disabled, or disqualified or the maximum amount of artifacts in all successive regions have been found, the game has ended. At the end of the year, the scores from all three leauges are tallied and PT ranks (1-7) are assigned to each region determining how much influence that region will have in the global trade of goods.
Their are only 9 artifacts hidden in a Garden, located on a region.  The artifacts aren't real ancient objects but Go balls that are worth a ranged scale of points determined by the represented artifact's inherent Trong value. Each artifacts exact point value is unknown to a player until it is returned to the team's ship and placed in a treasure chest. The difficulty to obtain an artifact doesn't always inform its worth, as occasionally a low point artifact will be found in a very difficult or challenging section of a Garden.
Gardens are constructed by the Meister Guild members, working together using Trong forces to manipulate the physical landscapes of designated areas to create an elaborate series of  puzzles, mazes, and obsticles that the teams have to navigate to find the hidden artifacts.

Trongoball is very popular and is watched by nearly everyone in the world. The game is monitored and recorded by a series of guild members who are cloaked with invisibility enchantments so that they do not disturb or accidentally inform or influence the progress of the players.
The three different leagues play during separate seasons to avoid crossover of matches by players.
Sugar leauge in the Spring/Summer Salt league in the Summer/Fall, and Pepper in the Fall/Winter season.
Trongo ball games are ongoing events meaning that players eat, sleep, and battle in the active Garden until the match has ended. Broadcasting of the events run 24 hours a day and brief viewings and frequent updates are incorporated into peoples daily routines.

Most teams who play Trongo ball are sponsored, either by an entire town (called a pitch in) or by private companies or public personas (such as merchants). Some teams play as independents, but it is very difficult to compete with the costs of materials for Trong bots, air ships, and even ingredients for Riot Cuisine recipes. Because of the costs, sponsorship has become the most popular option as many potential teams or individual players, go to public tryouts held globally 2 months before a new season begins.

There are four over all types of Trongo ball played on Eratone.
  •  Amateur level, where people, especially children play for fun or in an amateur league for ages too young to play in the Sugar league.

The PT circuit is divided into three leagues of players Sugar, Salt, Pepper. Within each league teams are subdivided by skill level based on their understanding and ability to competently use Trong: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Carob and Mint. Their skill level informs their understanding of the Inherent Value System of Trong, and their ability to use it.
  • Sugar league, introductory/basic level of difficulty tactics circuit.
    • IVS 1-50
  • Salt league, intermediate level of difficulty tactics circuit.
    • IVS 50+
  •  Pepper league, advanced level of difficulty tactics circuit.
    • IVS 100


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