Munch Chunky Sketch Works One

this weeks issue, is being interrupted in order to get a bit of rest, 
and to share this little bit of work with you.
when the MC site first went live I had a section called the development blog
where I had intended to go through the entire history of the series.
unfortunately I started and then never got back into it.
mostly because it wasn't a true development blog, or blog at all.
it was just this long scrolling wall of text and pictures.
which made no sense to me.
so I figured why not do for MC what I did for Goblyn, and just make a sketch book.
this is the first of a couple, but I don't see the next one coming out for quite a bit.

A "pretty scary" world

my cycloptic soldier skin. the only thing that survived my recent laptop loss.

I do a lot of things to keep my mind in the Munch Chunky rhythm. one of those things is, after finishing the days pages (penciling, scanning, colouring) I often play minecraft. I know a lot of people squint oddly at it and think it's an odd game they would never play. but for me it's a delightfully addictive game of conquest and creation. it's also a good way to meditate after a long day of stressing the heck out. just sitting there and mining, smelting, and then the satisfaction of building something great.
my home. in the middle of the water I don't get harassed.

so the newest update came out yesterday (1.4.2) (the "pretty scary update) a Halloween update that introduces very specific things as witches and bats.
the other thing it introduces are new sounds. Suddenly  find myself very aware of everything that I am doing in my minecraft world, and everything that is going on in it. why? because EVERYTHING IS MAKING NOISES!


seriously their is a different sound for every surface you can walk on, through and over.
and it's not just me... the animals have their own walking sounds, no longer the generic walking through the grass or over dirt sound it used to make. no, it's more like a low clumping trumping sound. the sound of hooves? I don't mind a lot of the new sounds really, I especially like the creepy weird skittering sound the spiders make now as they walk. but the cows are absolutely insufferable. they have like three mooing sounds (one of which sounds stupidly like a person saying moo) and then a few snorting exhale sounds. if you have two or more cows on your farm the noise will drive you crazy. CRAZY!

i'm going to have to expand my farms.

I do like all the food I can farm now and make from recipes, carrots and potatoes being added to the bunch. and finally a use for pumpkins beyond sticking them on your head like an idiot. bake them with sugar and make them into a pie! mmmmn... well, I've honestly never had a pumpkin pie in reality. honestly it doesn't seem like it would be a very tasty pie, so i just pretend I'm making sweet potato pies. yay!

My world, Nars Hopellah.

a few other things i noticed about the update... i notice you get experience points for almost everything. mining certain minerals, smelting certain minerals and ores, fishing... yes, you get exp whenever you successfully catch a fish and then you get exp for even getting two animals to have a baby. 

new cobble walls, can be used like fences and rails yay!

it seems like the antagonist mobs are more aggressive now, and will come at you from a pretty far distance on normal mode, the path finding makes it hard to run and hide from them. you reeeeeally have to put some distance and obstacles between the both of you to escape long enough to rest and recharge.

my WIP Obsidian library. built under my house. haha

I like the update mostly... except it just seems so noisy now. just sound everywhere.
also... is it just my world or is everyone getting worlds almost entirely filled with sheep? it took me forever to find any pigs or cows, and i still haven't found any wolves. this makes it really difficult to craft books or bookshelves considering the new recipe requires a piece of leather to make. I'm going to have to create a massive cattle ranch just to build my library.

well... back to making comics.

Munch Chunky Issue 6b

The calm before the storm.
Season 0 ends, and Season 1 soon comes, 
and Bojo, Diddle, Turtle, Munj, 
Appo, Spero, and Pepo will soon find themselves
officially Trongo ball players.

I've also released a new track for the OST called Friends for life.
it's an emotionally charged track, and I think fits the emotions of this issue.

Munch Chunky Issue 6a

It took a few weeks to get back in the rhythm of working on Goblyn and Munch Chunky at the same time after going to AWA (weird how a single convention can throw you off like that) 
but none the less, Munch Chunky is back, and Season 1 for our plucky little up and comers is about to officially begin.
I'm very excited for season 1 and the nutty events that come along with it.
and to those of you who stopped by my livestream page randomly and said hi to me while I was working on the pages of this issue. 
thanks and hopefully I'll be doing that more often. 

Convention Countdown...

This wednesdays issue 6a is totally being pushed back to Monday, 
and of course the that same week 6b will come out.


because i'll be at AWA from September 28-30th.
ao at the moment I'm up to my eyeballs in either creating new materials to sell at the con,
or trying to print stuff that I made for the con.

stickers... Munch Chunky stickers.
I think I like the ones on the left more.

Munch Chunky Issue 5b

well... it's back!
Just in time for the ending of Season 0.
I decided a few months back to break the series up into seasons.
Trongo ball playing seasons i mean.
this first preseason where Bojo and the gang are playing around having senseless adventures,
is the set up for all the stuff that comes once they begin playing Trongo ball.
so it's Season 0
next season starts with issue 7a and will last about 12 issues i think.
this weeks OST track is called Dewdrop Showers.
I like the thunderstorm samples i layered over the background.
I gotta finish up and process the last tracks for the OST before it comes out 
at the end of the month along with issue 6b


Sorry about all the silence.
 the comic returns September 12th

I've been back to working on Munch Chunky for a little while now
i have almost a weeks lead on each issue, which is super duper good.
I've also been working on the last tracks of the OST.
they were left in the cold so long ago, and now i have to dust them off, repair them, and make them awesome.
also... I was working on the Munch Chunky Databook. I'm loving it. it's SO MUCH FUN.

for more on my impromtu hiatus...
check out this video.

Munch Chunky Issue 5a

The world of Eratone is old and filled with lots of ancient mysteries. that is one of the things i wanted to bring across in the pages of the comic. along with a great sense of adventure. I love adventure. especially unexpected adventure. the kind you just stumble into and in the end learn a lot and have a good time and memories in the end.

Munch Chunky Issue 4b

New pencils! I have new pencils!
now I can draw with confidence, knowing my sweaty, greasy hands, (a bad combo if ever there was) won't smudge the pages. I was actually working from left to right on each page. I don't work like that. I draw at random. and that can lead to smuuuuuudge city. 
hehe... anyway.
After last weeks reveal of THE major protagonist the CoCo King, I realised how fast this series is moving now that it's weekly. this is exciting. I'm really enjoying playing with the really different personalities of the characters. oh, and... this issue's cover is a bit misleading.
technically it should have been the cover for issue 5a, but the only other cover idea I could come up with ruined what I thought was a good visual reveal.
you'll see. tho it may be less significant to you than me.
oh well... hope you enjoy. haha
this weeks OST track: Peach Pit Town

Munch Chunky Issue 4a

I can't even express how absolutely happy I am with this issue.
I almost cut the little bit of tech in the boarding part near the end.
but i thought 
"no. the only way i can get across 
how fun this bridge system is in my mind 
is to draw out tall the steps of it"
So i took the time and drew out a few of those steps.
seeing it makes me smile.
and the ending does too, even if it's a little grim.
I can't wait to show off more of the weird and wacky technology used in this world.
well... I'm off to the art supplies store to buy more pencils.
I was using a well known brand of HB pencils these last few issues, 
which mans nothing for the quality of the pencils it turns out. 
because the leads would just disintegrate under pressure.
I finally couldn't take the leads snapping on me in the middle of drawing a page anymore.

Munch Chunky Mondays 00: A new thing starts

a new take on the Enoroo shop scene from the animated Munch Chunky

So, I'm going to start this thing here on the site, called Munch Chunky Mondays.
I'll be talking about news and updates about the different things that will be happening to me, the comic, and within the world of Munch Chunky.
I'll also be adding videos, each week. some of them I may be talking in, while others might just be speed art videos with music I composed like the one below.

beyond that... all I can say is. 
I'm working behind the scenes on the Munch Chunky Databook, 
and that should be launching next week, if all goes well.

that's all for now... see you soon and enjoy the video.

Munch Chunky Issue 3b

I think this is the first time I have put out an issue of this comic on time.
like it was 100% finished before the clock hit 12.
I think it has to do with this new schedule. 
suddenly my stress is low, and I'm blasting through pages and having a ball while doing it.
I'm thrilled about how the colours in these last few issues have been coming out.
there's very little to no fighting for attention in any one frame.
i think now that I'm coming up on four issues, and I have introduced a ton of characters I should begin a Munch Chunky Databook. I figure if i start now, I'll be able to update it as the issues come out.
we'll see.
also... new song this week for the Munch Chunky OST
Ixia beat.
it's named after the big blue creature they meet in the forest
an Ixia beast. 
it's fuzzy, and twilight foresty, and fun.
the song, not the beast.

Munch Chunky Issue 3a

the first issue of Munch Chunky on my new weekly wednesday schedule.
this one was a cool down from the momentum of the last few issues.
a lot of running in those other ones.
of course the next issue just starts the running all over again
but I can tell I'm getting more comfortable with MC and really starting to have fun with the colour pallet.
that's good, because i was really worried that things would look really bland. it's a slightly simpler looking book than Goblyn, and the colours have fewer passes and gradients as well.
i wanted to play with symbology and symbolism in this series a lot. both in shapes and in colours.

Munchy Update: Page count

This past weekend I went to a convention. it was a really good show and a lot of really nice people showed up and came by my table. When I got back from the convention I thought about how much I want Munch Chunky to have a regular update schedule. 
But with the other series I'm doing Goblyn, it makes it almost impossible to be consistent. 
I figured out a way to publish Munch Chunky along side Goblyn (and possibly a 3rd series) on a weekly basis. I reduce the page count. yup. starting this week I'm bringing the page count down from 55 pages to 25-30 pages. but the benefit to this is that the series will be able  to come out WEEKLY

It balances out to the same amount of content as if I was working bi-weekly, but just in smaller chunks.
In all honesty, it's to save my artistic sanity. I've been driving myself mad trying to work on multiple series at the same time, and I'm not willing to give any of them up because I love them all too much. So this is my solution. It's not a sacrifice in story,  just in the amount of content per week. but it balances out since Munch Chunky would come out more often. yay.
see you soon.

Munch Chunky issue 2b cover (speed art)

a speed art edit of me colouring and making the cover for Issue 2b of Munch Chunky
fun! :3

The music is by Mobal Sute which is essentially just me C:
but you can check it out at
where you can listen to the full version of the second song used in this video called Exit Strategy.
it's fun kinda' 8-bit chiptunesy music.

Munch Chunky Issue 2b

I 100% apologize for the long hiatus.
I got behind on the other series I do, Goblyn
plus it went weekly... so that wreaked havoc on my ability to complete
this issue.
But I finally did.
and I'm happy it's done.
I spent a lot of time staring at level maps from games like the Super Mario World/Yoshi's Island series
in preparation for the next issue and subsequently the rest of the series.
those were always big inspirations for the visual concept of how the world would look.
a cartoony, environment, rich with vivid colours and bold shapes.
so that's next.
until then... enjoy the newest song from the Munch Chunky OST, Exit Strategy.

Animal Encyclopedia

While I was finishing colouring pages of Munch Chunky in between colouring pages of Goblyn, I was digging through my old boxes, and rediscovered my old Illustrated Animal Encyclopedia.
it was a very awesome book that my mom got me and my sister when we were little kids.
some how I still have it after all these years.

it's great! 
it's over 600 pages and has really good illustrations of all the animals, and their family groups, geographical locations, distinguishing traits... all sorts of stuff. it's built like a wiki, which makes sense, considering it's an encyclopedia. haha
seriously tho... I've been going through it page by page every night before i go to sleep, reading about a new set of animals, and finding some of the most amazing and weirdest looking creatures.

it has inspired me to just pic random animals from it, and from reader suggestions that I'm going to draw, in the style of a citizen of the world of Munch Chunky.
just thought it would be fun.
some of these animals are really going to let me stretch my creative muscles.

first one... a shrew

I seriously suggest yo grab a copy if you're into drawing animals, or just like them and want to know some cool facts about them. since this book is now out of print, copies can be grabbed at amazon.
used copies are SUPER cheap...
and i think it's worth it.

insert terrible 2b/Hamlet pun here...

aka.. 2b or not 2b.

guh! so bad...

I'm going to be very late with Munch Chunky issue 2b.
it was  a very rough week. and I didn't get a lot of page work done.
I'm going to set the next issue status to TBA, until i get the issue finished, but I'll keep updating the blog and site with content. i promise. C:

what 20 or so pages i did get done i'm going to show you as a sort of preview.
it's sort of spoiler ish, but not really. 
click on it to zoom in and check it out.
the dialog isn't on the pages yet tho.

live, love, and eat fruit.

Munch Chunky Issue 2a

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------All the stars are lining up and Munch Chunky is really taking shape.
I had quite a bit of fun working on this issue.
I even streamed me making this issue.
even tho I  was using photoshop 6, which is so totally nerfed in comparison to CS3 
(which I normally use to make comics)
it wasn't bad. MC isn't very heavy on the dynamic layers and such.
it's just straight forward drawings, with colour, and a good solid story about friends and adventure.

what more could you ask for?
oh, the link to the livestream videos?
done and done.

here's a little embed action for you too.
smars on Broadcast Live Free

issue 2a back on track.

So after quite an uphill battle finishing the kickstarter video for my other comic Goblyn, I'm back on track and nearly finished colouring the pages for issue 2a of Munch Chunky.

I've been broadcasting on my livestream while i colour the pages. every day from 8am to about 4pm EST
I decided this is what I'll do with Munch Chunky from now on, as an effort to not always be in my cave like the bearded hermit I am. and just cause I thought it might be fun for you.
I'll answer questions if anyone actually shows up.
but considering the time frame. I'm not sure if anyone ever will.
oh well. still gonna' do it! XD

Watch live streaming video from smars at

you'll get spoilers if you care about that sort of thing, but I'm only colouring right now... not lettering.
that comes last, and I will probably stream that as well. or part of it at least.

I'm loving getting to draw all these animals. I love how strange and diverse the animal kingdom is.
you can really find some weird animals out there.
and while I tend to not stray too far from the core animals people are all familiar with.
I do have plans to get pretty exotic once Bojo and the gang get their adventure underway.

well, I hope that more people will come to like MC and the characters, I know it's still in it's proving ground stages, but I have very big plans for it and I hope you'll stick around for all of them.
as soon as I get everything set up behind the stage, I'll be adding and updating a World Databook section, about all the characters and such to the world of MC.

for now, i should go and pencil the last pages of this issue before I get too tired.

Beast Mode!

see those things above? yeah...
If i didn't make this post I knew I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it.
at least temporarily that is.
what am I talking about?

one of those weird relics from my childhood that has persisted in haunting me and at the same time inspiring me.
even tho it was only a part of said life briefly.

I just caught myself singing the theme song used in the commercial.
it's not the first time, and that got my gears turning.
after some time thinking about it. I came to the conclusion that this is definitely one of the core inspirations for Munch Chunky.

I'll be honest. as a kid i had no idea what the story was with these things. I just knew, they were animals that wore mech armor and had weapons and elemental powers. 
what explanation more does a kid need?!

ultimately there's nothing super special about the Battle Beasts it's a pretty straight forward rock, paper, scissors, kind of deal. 
the thing i found most interesting while looking them up, was that they were originally a part of the Transfomers universe.
i know right!

but when Hasbro brought them to the states from Japan, they cut all relations to the robots in disguise.
I'm okay with that. it would have just confused me as a kid anyway.
my entire obsession with these silly little toys is all based on the commercials.
the brief action packed animation segments in them ignited my imagination back then, and apparently this concept of animals getting all decked out in mech armor and running around with weapons and elemental abilities really stuck with me.

I'm not embarrassed, I mean it's at the heart of Munch Chunky about as much as a lot of stuff I grew up with.
that's the way it works right?
the cycle of inspiration keeps going.

alright... next post. about me making comics, LIVE.

btw... here are some links to BB related stuffs if you're even slightly interested.

Issue 2a in a good mood.

So far so good. I've recently shifted my page colouring shedule to the mornings, which seems to work better for me, and for the out put of pages. it's not taking 10 hours to get through a days set of pages. and i'm generally in more of a good mood. maybe it's because I have the rest of the day free to think and relax, draw and speculate on the size of the universe. hrm... XD

or maybe it's all the paper mario music!
it just puts me in the right mood for making Munch Chunky.

give it a listen. tell me it doesn't change your mood.

Munch Chunky Issue 2a?

Munch Chunky Issue 2a isn't going to come out this week.
it will come back on April 8th.

the reason isn't that I'm going on a hiatus, 
but because I'm working on a Kickstarter campaign for the other series I work on Goblyn.

If I thought I could do both I would. but making comics is a full time job.
and like all full time jobs it doesn't really allow for much else to get done while you're doing it.

I've been trying to get everything in order to get the Goblyn KS campaign up and running, 
for a few months now. 
(it's a long and boring story) 
But now I finally have all my ducks in a row, so I have to push away from the table this week so I can actually get this thing finished and out the door. 

I'll keep updating the news blog, and posting Munch Chunky related artwork. 
I've finally started working on the development blog and about sections of this place. 
look forward to that.  it'll be fun.

Munch Chunky Issue 1b

so, introductions to all the major protagonists of the series have been made.
rivalries have been set in stone.

now that, that's out of the way... 
we can really get this avalanche of adventure 
rolling over people and causing all sorts of chaos fun.

this issue definitely went over my 50 to 55 page rule.
but I really had to get the rest of this part of the story out.
so... justifiable self rule breaking?

the set up for the entire series is always the tallest hill to get over.
everything else from that point is just letting the story flow through you.
time to flow.

live, love, & eat fruit.

Munch Chunky Soundtrack...

So back when I was trying to do Munch Chunky as an animated series, all by myself. 
(a foolish endeavor if ever there was one)
I had created an actual musical score to run in the background of the episodes.
Most of them were each of the main characters themes Bojo's theme, Turtles theme, & Diddles theme, or remixed variations of those.

but then I realised i couldn't do the animated series the way I wanted in the time allotted to me.
but I still had the soundtrack, and the need to express Munch Chunky in music.
when I see this art I hear songs, and I've been building a little library of those songs for a few years now.
I'm not proud of them all, but most make me very happy, because they capture the spirit of Munch Chunky 100%

from Munch Chunky issue 2b on, with each new half issue ex. 2b, 3b, 4b, 5b, and so on... I will add a new track from the Munch Chunky OST collection on my Mobal Sute Bandcamp page. 
you can listen to them and if you like them, download and collect them.

I've added an original sound track section here to listen to the OST tracks that are being uploaded to Bandcamp.

I just thought it would be fun to share a bit of the music I hear when I work on Munch Chunky.

live, love, & eat fruit.

Munch Chunky Issue 1a


So I’m finally going to tell this story. 
Not in the way I had wanted to a few months back 
(which was animated) 
but the way I had originally conceived the project in 2001, as a comic book.

I learned a lot about storytelling and pacing when I decided to make Munch Chunky into an animated series. 
I could get away with things that would fall apart in a comic book scenario. 
Because of that, I had to change the beginning of the story 
and the way it plays out for the comic.

Another of my problems was my limitations in animating. 
I only know how to animate so many things, and I often hit walls 
I couldn't get around. 
In comic book form I hit a lot less walls with the images being fixed. 
It’s hard to explain, but what it came down to in the end wasn’t the expense of animation, 
but the time. 
I’m able to commit the same amount of time to the comic form as the animated form, 
but i yield more story from it, 
for my effort.

and ultimately I just really want to tell my stories, 
and I can’t let the process of building the body of that work be 
the part that breaks down the ability for the story to be told 
consistently and fluidly.

Trongo Bongo

Trongo Bots.

I've been drawing these goofy looking mech suits for so many years.
I'm a big mech, super giant robot enthusiast. seriously.
I spent a huuuuuge chunk of my childhood reading watching stuff like Voltron, Tranzor Z
(or Mazinger Z if you want to be a purist about it) and yes... of course, Gundam.

 but of all the mechs and robots out there i say that i was most influenced by Shirow Masamune's Appleseed manga series when i was a kid, which was filled with all these wonderful personal sized mechs he called landmates.

Shirow would used these really great organic shapes that often reminded me of insects, and that just pulled me in further into his magic. seeing smaller, one man, personal mechs was a revolution to my mind, and I immediately was drawing personal mechs in everything I created.

with Munch Chunky i wanted to continue with that tradition, but since MC is a lighter more fun story i didn't want the designs of the mechs to be too overwhelming.
Since the series is about things like food and adventure, i wanted them to be very organic and bouncy in shape.

for me, they had to have a look of functionality without being to visually complex. I wanted them to look like they could run around, while still looking funny, but not absolutely cumbersome.
Silly, but still kind of cool. like the G generation SD Gundam model series.

they're also made this way so that i can customize each one for a new rival team at the drop of a dime and without the design really slowing me down.
they all have the same basic shape underneath, and then i start slappin' on all the extra bits that make them fun and flashy, as I go.

i did decide a while back that some teams would customise their mechs to the extent that they would have very specific advanced functions only used by that team.
it's all regulation of course.
ha ha

live love & eat fruit.

cute animals...BIG, BAD, ROBOTS

just sharing a couple of designs for some of the secondary background charas in issue 1b of Munch Chunky.
(they're fairly loose sketches, but still comprehensible i think)

the tryout sequence is full of lots of random animals driving around in big hulking robot suits.
i did think for a while to have everyone's suits reeeeeally customized and unique, but it quickly became a headache. 

i still slip into fantasies about how much fun it would be to have a bunch of cool designs and weird shapes for all the different suit. but then i snap out of it with the reality of how frustrating it would be to keep up with all those varying shapes. so i standardized the base shape of the Trong Bot suits. 
and from there, they can be customized by the individual as they see fit. 

So i still get a good bit of variation, while still being able to not lose myself in the details.

i'll show some of those different yet similar Trong bot designs next post.
till then.
live love & eat fruit.

Ish.1a cover

just finished the Munch Chunky Issue 1a cover, 
while in the middle of working on coloring a batch of pages for Issue 1b.
 I had a hard time figuring out how i wanted to portray the feel of the series through the first cover.

i have a hard time with covers, but I have an even harder time creating covers that have nothing to do with the interior. it just feels like some sort of weird visual deception.
so my goal this year, starting with this series is to work harder at creating better covers.
i'm going to concentrate on working at stronger composition, and colour layout.

this cover is good, but i can't help but wonder what it could have been, had i been stronger in cover making. 

coming soooooon!

Shukara Plum Spice

Shukara spice is a crystalline byproduct of the Shukara plum.


a bowl of processed spice
Shukara spice is a delightfully sweet spice derived from the Shukara plum, that is only made in the Sweet region. The very climacteric fruit, that takes between 4 and 5 years to fully mature and ripen on its bamboo like tree.
Only the conditions of the soil in the Sweet region is right for the very particular trees to grow. While this would normally make a region very wealthy, the popularity of artificial foods like Enoroo as well as the instability of consistent seasonal crops has lead to lower trade significance.




Sweet region

The Sweet region, is the second smallest region to Kowl in the far North of Eratone.


The Sweet region is a relatively peaceful region in contrast to the others. It is renowned for its great valleys and lush green forests. The region is comprised of a series of isles surrounding a larger central land mass. It has a small but fairly dense population of people. It has suffered from large migrations of it population to more industrious and financially stable regions over the last 100 years.

Much of the remaining populations exist heavily in the numerous small coastal port towns of the Sweet Leaf isles. The remainder exist further inland, in small scattered villages, including Bojo's small farming village of Cherry hill.


  • Rot Pear port
  • Peach Pit town
  • Mushy Kale forest
  • Cherry hill
  • Pineapple falls
  • Guava gardens

  • Sour Region
  • Hard Region