Munch Chunky Mondays 00: A new thing starts

a new take on the Enoroo shop scene from the animated Munch Chunky

So, I'm going to start this thing here on the site, called Munch Chunky Mondays.
I'll be talking about news and updates about the different things that will be happening to me, the comic, and within the world of Munch Chunky.
I'll also be adding videos, each week. some of them I may be talking in, while others might just be speed art videos with music I composed like the one below.

beyond that... all I can say is. 
I'm working behind the scenes on the Munch Chunky Databook, 
and that should be launching next week, if all goes well.

that's all for now... see you soon and enjoy the video.

Munch Chunky Issue 3b

I think this is the first time I have put out an issue of this comic on time.
like it was 100% finished before the clock hit 12.
I think it has to do with this new schedule. 
suddenly my stress is low, and I'm blasting through pages and having a ball while doing it.
I'm thrilled about how the colours in these last few issues have been coming out.
there's very little to no fighting for attention in any one frame.
i think now that I'm coming up on four issues, and I have introduced a ton of characters I should begin a Munch Chunky Databook. I figure if i start now, I'll be able to update it as the issues come out.
we'll see.
also... new song this week for the Munch Chunky OST
Ixia beat.
it's named after the big blue creature they meet in the forest
an Ixia beast. 
it's fuzzy, and twilight foresty, and fun.
the song, not the beast.

Munch Chunky Issue 3a

the first issue of Munch Chunky on my new weekly wednesday schedule.
this one was a cool down from the momentum of the last few issues.
a lot of running in those other ones.
of course the next issue just starts the running all over again
but I can tell I'm getting more comfortable with MC and really starting to have fun with the colour pallet.
that's good, because i was really worried that things would look really bland. it's a slightly simpler looking book than Goblyn, and the colours have fewer passes and gradients as well.
i wanted to play with symbology and symbolism in this series a lot. both in shapes and in colours.

Munchy Update: Page count

This past weekend I went to a convention. it was a really good show and a lot of really nice people showed up and came by my table. When I got back from the convention I thought about how much I want Munch Chunky to have a regular update schedule. 
But with the other series I'm doing Goblyn, it makes it almost impossible to be consistent. 
I figured out a way to publish Munch Chunky along side Goblyn (and possibly a 3rd series) on a weekly basis. I reduce the page count. yup. starting this week I'm bringing the page count down from 55 pages to 25-30 pages. but the benefit to this is that the series will be able  to come out WEEKLY

It balances out to the same amount of content as if I was working bi-weekly, but just in smaller chunks.
In all honesty, it's to save my artistic sanity. I've been driving myself mad trying to work on multiple series at the same time, and I'm not willing to give any of them up because I love them all too much. So this is my solution. It's not a sacrifice in story,  just in the amount of content per week. but it balances out since Munch Chunky would come out more often. yay.
see you soon.

Munch Chunky issue 2b cover (speed art)

a speed art edit of me colouring and making the cover for Issue 2b of Munch Chunky
fun! :3

The music is by Mobal Sute which is essentially just me C:
but you can check it out at
where you can listen to the full version of the second song used in this video called Exit Strategy.
it's fun kinda' 8-bit chiptunesy music.

Munch Chunky Issue 2b

I 100% apologize for the long hiatus.
I got behind on the other series I do, Goblyn
plus it went weekly... so that wreaked havoc on my ability to complete
this issue.
But I finally did.
and I'm happy it's done.
I spent a lot of time staring at level maps from games like the Super Mario World/Yoshi's Island series
in preparation for the next issue and subsequently the rest of the series.
those were always big inspirations for the visual concept of how the world would look.
a cartoony, environment, rich with vivid colours and bold shapes.
so that's next.
until then... enjoy the newest song from the Munch Chunky OST, Exit Strategy.