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Any person who participates actively in the sport of Trongo Ball.


Cuisinaut is a term used on Eratone to identify people who play Trongoball. This term is not exclusive to Trongbot users, but applies to all the players in a team especially including a team's Chef.

A Cuisinaut Chef differs from a private district chef or cook in that they are registered to create special food combinations called Riot Cuisine, which can only be used in the sport of Trongo ball.

Depending on the relationship between a Team's Chef and the line cooks (usually Koba) the line cooks can also be considered cuisinauts although they generally are not.
Team Munch Chunky is a rare exception to the former as the entire team are friends and the Koba known as the Mints are registered as full crew cuisinauts and not just line cooks.

  • Trong crew: the primary team mates e.g. Striker, Mugger, Chef.
  • Line cook: usually considered non cuisnaut crew members, despite having the knowledge to create Riot Cuisine. 
    • (this is a prejudice against Koba, as they are usually line cooks on a team ship.) 
  • Steam crew: the maintenance crew of a team ship 
    • (also usually Koba, most times the same as the line cooks to reduce a ships weight)


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