Munch Chunky Sketch Works One

this weeks issue, is being interrupted in order to get a bit of rest, 
and to share this little bit of work with you.
when the MC site first went live I had a section called the development blog
where I had intended to go through the entire history of the series.
unfortunately I started and then never got back into it.
mostly because it wasn't a true development blog, or blog at all.
it was just this long scrolling wall of text and pictures.
which made no sense to me.
so I figured why not do for MC what I did for Goblyn, and just make a sketch book.
this is the first of a couple, but I don't see the next one coming out for quite a bit.

A "pretty scary" world

my cycloptic soldier skin. the only thing that survived my recent laptop loss.

I do a lot of things to keep my mind in the Munch Chunky rhythm. one of those things is, after finishing the days pages (penciling, scanning, colouring) I often play minecraft. I know a lot of people squint oddly at it and think it's an odd game they would never play. but for me it's a delightfully addictive game of conquest and creation. it's also a good way to meditate after a long day of stressing the heck out. just sitting there and mining, smelting, and then the satisfaction of building something great.
my home. in the middle of the water I don't get harassed.

so the newest update came out yesterday (1.4.2) (the "pretty scary update) a Halloween update that introduces very specific things as witches and bats.
the other thing it introduces are new sounds. Suddenly  find myself very aware of everything that I am doing in my minecraft world, and everything that is going on in it. why? because EVERYTHING IS MAKING NOISES!


seriously their is a different sound for every surface you can walk on, through and over.
and it's not just me... the animals have their own walking sounds, no longer the generic walking through the grass or over dirt sound it used to make. no, it's more like a low clumping trumping sound. the sound of hooves? I don't mind a lot of the new sounds really, I especially like the creepy weird skittering sound the spiders make now as they walk. but the cows are absolutely insufferable. they have like three mooing sounds (one of which sounds stupidly like a person saying moo) and then a few snorting exhale sounds. if you have two or more cows on your farm the noise will drive you crazy. CRAZY!

i'm going to have to expand my farms.

I do like all the food I can farm now and make from recipes, carrots and potatoes being added to the bunch. and finally a use for pumpkins beyond sticking them on your head like an idiot. bake them with sugar and make them into a pie! mmmmn... well, I've honestly never had a pumpkin pie in reality. honestly it doesn't seem like it would be a very tasty pie, so i just pretend I'm making sweet potato pies. yay!

My world, Nars Hopellah.

a few other things i noticed about the update... i notice you get experience points for almost everything. mining certain minerals, smelting certain minerals and ores, fishing... yes, you get exp whenever you successfully catch a fish and then you get exp for even getting two animals to have a baby. 

new cobble walls, can be used like fences and rails yay!

it seems like the antagonist mobs are more aggressive now, and will come at you from a pretty far distance on normal mode, the path finding makes it hard to run and hide from them. you reeeeeally have to put some distance and obstacles between the both of you to escape long enough to rest and recharge.

my WIP Obsidian library. built under my house. haha

I like the update mostly... except it just seems so noisy now. just sound everywhere.
also... is it just my world or is everyone getting worlds almost entirely filled with sheep? it took me forever to find any pigs or cows, and i still haven't found any wolves. this makes it really difficult to craft books or bookshelves considering the new recipe requires a piece of leather to make. I'm going to have to create a massive cattle ranch just to build my library.

well... back to making comics.

Munch Chunky Issue 6b

The calm before the storm.
Season 0 ends, and Season 1 soon comes, 
and Bojo, Diddle, Turtle, Munj, 
Appo, Spero, and Pepo will soon find themselves
officially Trongo ball players.

I've also released a new track for the OST called Friends for life.
it's an emotionally charged track, and I think fits the emotions of this issue.

Munch Chunky Issue 6a

It took a few weeks to get back in the rhythm of working on Goblyn and Munch Chunky at the same time after going to AWA (weird how a single convention can throw you off like that) 
but none the less, Munch Chunky is back, and Season 1 for our plucky little up and comers is about to officially begin.
I'm very excited for season 1 and the nutty events that come along with it.
and to those of you who stopped by my livestream page randomly and said hi to me while I was working on the pages of this issue. 
thanks and hopefully I'll be doing that more often.