Trongo ball Positions

The active playing positions of members of a Trongo ball team

 In the game of Trongo ball, there are three major positions playable to a teammate, they are Striker, Mugger, and Chef. each of these is an important part of the whole team both functionally and historically.
The two ground positions are played by team mates in Trongbots, while the third, the Chef, is mostly (but not exclusively) played from the team's ship. The teammates on the Garden floor actively playing the game are only allowed a specific number of spells they can carry at any given time received from riot cuisines (RCS) either deployed to them via a Chef, stolen from another active player, or found as a rare drop item on the Garden floor.

The lead playing position of a Trongo ball team and is usually a position played by the fastest member of a team of three. The Striker position is a reconosance position that relies heavily on a Cuisinauts abilities to survey and assess their surroundings and make quick movements to retrieve any point based items obtainable by the players. The Striker has the ability to carry a maximum of 3 offensive RCS on them and 1 defensive RCS during a game. Strikers are the most active of all the players on a team, they protect the teammate in the Mugger position from any danger as they retrieve artifacts and bring them back to their ship. A Striker must be alert at all times and be willing to "sacrifice" themselves to allow the Mugger to make it back safely to the ship with the artifacts.

The secondary playing position of a Trongo ball team, and is played generally by the slower member of a team of three. Their Trong bot is usually (but not always) a larger model, for defensive purposes which makes it physically slower during a game. The Mugger is the counterpart of the Striker, they are the teammate who physically carries any and all artifacts found or stolen during the active game. The Mugger's Trong bot is granted a bonus item by the Meister Guild members who oversee all active matches called a "Gimme' Bag."  The Gimme Bag is an item that can only be used on the active Garden field which allows the user to hold numerous items in it at any time without feeling the effects of its  size or weight. The Gimme' Bag is where a Mugger keeps the teams artifacts while teammates are active on the Garden floor and until they can be transported to a Chest where the points are counted and collected. As the Mugger is the one teammate who carries the most intricate portion of  the game, they are also the most targeted members and in turn the most heavily protected with the ability to carry a max of 2 offensive  RCS and 4 defensive RCS. Muggers are generally the more cunning, strategic and stealthy teammates often guiding the activities of a Striker from a position within guarded range of the teams Chef.

The third playing position of a Trongo ball team, played by the only member who does not use a Trong bot. Chef is the linchpin of the team, the most powerful player with both unlimited numbers of offensive RCS and defensive RCS at their disposal so long as they actively have or are able to collect the resources. The Chef assists their teammates on the active Garden floor during a game, from the teams ship and in rare occasions on the ground, by deploying riot cuisine to them via Odee cannon. The Chef has the greatest wealth of knowledge of Trong and its inherent values and uses this to help their teammates gather as many artifacts as possible to win the game ultimately for their region.
The position of Chef is usually backed up by a line crew or pit crew. Line cooks are usually not mentioned or considered as part of the team, as they are more often than not Koba. The most notable exception being team Munch Chunky who fully recognize the Mints as fully registered members of the team.

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