Munch Chunky Issue 7a

Munch Chunky returns!
If maybe you're wondering why you're seeing me repost issue 7a and you missed the 
Munchy News video post  (or were just confused by my rambling... it happens) 
I've decided to start over from a new direction with the series.
Which is actually an old direction... the original direction.
you see...
the singles, challenger, tourney style that I was previously attempting
(not too unlike that of pokemon)
just wasn't working in this comic book format.
when I rewrote the MC story, I adapted it for animation allowing for faster paced scenes to happen without compromising on story. (all of that can happen in a cartoon very fast)
but comic books have different pacing, and I discovered that a set of singles matches were going to drag the series out too long per tournament round.

So, I went back to my first idea, which was the Grand Gourmet,
a global scavenger hunt for clues, artifact treasures, and points. 
The catch is, you're not up against a single opponent
there are teams from all the other regions also playing the game running around each region's
game fields trying to find all the clues & artifacts, and gain enough points to eliminate other players.
THIS, was the Grand Gourmet.
I really regret compromising on my original idea, for something I thought would be more... I don't know... familiar? meh.
I think we all want something a little new right?
I've made a few slight dialog changes to some older issues, in order for them to match up with the current story path.
I think if you're willing to forgive me this one time that I'm half resetting a story, I can make it worth all the confusion by making it a million times more fun for you.


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