Munch Chunky Issue 7b

chase scenes.
I love a good chase scene. 
more so foot chases versus car chases.
I have absolutely no problem believing Bojo can run as far, for as long as he does.
he's a farm kid, all he did was run around outside, you know?
this is the issue i originally wanted to bring the series back with.
this was going to be 7a...
i think it's a strong issue, but i felt the real need to explain a reason why things were happening the way they were.
(this is me trying not to be spoilery, if you're reading this before reading the comic)

I've almost finished designing and colouring all the team players that will be competing in the Grand Gourmet tournament with Team Munch Chunky. haha

I have like three more to go... or is it four?
well, next week...
familiar faces, and new rivalries in the first leg of the GRAND GOURMET!

wooo hoooo!

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